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Restyle your old cloths

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Old cloths takes up most of the space in your wardrobe. You might think of tossing it out or giving it away, but you cannot, because you might have some emotional liking or a sentiment attached to it. It all becomes a head ache when you dont have enoug space to store your new dresses. But you can always restyle your old dresses and make them trendy and wear it when you hangout with your friends. Here is how.

1.Transform your old shirt into a dress or a cushion or a bag

Cut your old over used shirt and transform it into beautiful dresses. All the ideas given below are quite simple and you can do it at your own home with the help of a sewing machine or hand.

2.T-shirt restyled.

Cut off the sleeves off your old t-shirt. Tie both the cut part together. there! you have a beautiful top.


3.tote bag out of t-shirt.


cut off the sleeves off your old t-shirt. cut small vertical sttips at the bottom. tie the cut strips together. Make your own tote bag.


4. make toys out of old socks

turn your socks into playful soft toys.


5. restyle your old jeans.