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How to chop onions without tears

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We always end up in tears while chopping onions. Onions make our eyes sting. But there is no option to get rid of onion as it is an inevitable part of our food and tradition.  Onions get their distinctive flavor from sulfur which they absorb from the soil they’re grown in.

Why do onions make us cry? Blame it on synthase. The tear-inducing enzyme called synthase which is found in onion converts the sulfoxide molecules that are released when an onion is cut, into sulfenic acid. The sulfenic acid, in turn, rearranges itself into a chemical that floats in the air, comes into contact with our eyes, and causes irritation.

While there are many tips to avoid tears while chopping onions like

  • use a sharp knife
  • breath through your mouth
  • light a candle while you chop
  • chew something

watch the video to know more