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Easy Nail Art designs

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Nail art is a fashion trend of decorating your finger nails or toe nails with patterns, stickers and designs. Most people pick this as a hobby and display their creative side these days. Depending on your taste and time you can do many designs on your nails. Nail Art add class and style to your appearance.

To start with you should be done with your pedicure or manicure, and with the right supplies you too can be an artist.

Here are some easy designs you can try at home.

Nude nail art 

Nude colours are in trend right now. Nude make ups and lipsticks add class to your look. This simple yet elegant design brings out the real lady in you.




Floral designs 

Women are always obsessed with flowers.



stripes and polka dots

You dont need too much expertise in doing simple designs like stripes and polka dots or animal prints. its easy and requires less effort.




Half and half pattern

This pattern is simple and any one can try at home.