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Organic farming and healthy living

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Growing vegetables for your own use at home is both fun and rewarding. With the available space in your backyard or terrace you can grow ample vegetables for your day to day use. Growing organic food at your home has many advantages.

It keeps you busy– gardening is an effective stress buster you can spend your extra time looking after the plants and when it bears fruits or vegetables it makes your heart want to sing.

Healthy food- It provides us with healthy food. These days you cant find food that is not adulterated or loaded with pesticides or chemicals. You can be really sure of what you are eating, as home gardening requires only natural pesticides and fertilizers.

Saves money- We can grow vegetables like tomato’s, chilly, ladies finger and many other vegetables that we use almost everyday,  in our own backyard which in a way helps us to save money.

Home gardens are green and sustainable- As we use only natural fertilizers it does not do any harm to the soil, plants our over selves.

Here is a video of a housewife who does wonders with the available space at her home for an awesome organic kitchen garden.