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Teach your kids good manners

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Your child’s rude attitude isn’t always intentional. They don’t realize that they are doing something wrong when they interrupt you when you are doing something important or talking with somebody, pick their noses, be rude or impolite or make fun and giggle at some one or something out in the open. And in this hustle and bustle of daily life, moms and dads don’t always have the time to focus and act on it.



Given below are some tips to teach your kids good manners.


  1. Teach polite words early: teach polite words like please, may i, thank you, sorry at an early age. address words like excuse me, Thank you, welcome an all wen you speak to your little one.
  2. Acknowledge the child: treat your child like a real person. pay attention when they talk to you so that they dont have to interrupt you. Answer their questions and help them with what they want.
  3. Teach them to share: As its said sharing is caring. Teach your kids to share their things with their siblings and friends.
  4. Correct them politely: Dont hit or yell at kids when they misbehave. Talk to then in a soft tone and correct them politely. screaming at  or hitting them will increase their aggression and will leave then confused.
  5. show lots of love: give then your love and affection in plenty. Let them know when they misbehave it hurts other people. Teach them to love others and shoe compassion.