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Tips to improve your memory

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Are you finding it difficult to remember names and phone numbers these days? Do you Keep forgetting some important informations? We all go through this situations time and again. We should keep in mind that there is nothing like a bad memory, as long as you dont have a medical condition. It is said that our memory is at its peak during our growing ages and then diminishes as we age. Every day, your brain has the opportunity to grow new cells and form new neural connections. So we just have to provide our brain a situation to grow and develop. Your brain has the ability to change and grow, to get better, throughout your lifetime this process is called neuroplasticity. But as we age we tend to give our brain less mental activities which in turn result in decline in memory.



Nowadays our lifestyle also plays a significant role in contributing to cognitive decline in memory, exposure to toxins, chemicals, poor diet, lack of sleep, stress, and much more can actually hinder the functioning of your brain.

Given below are some tips to boost your brain and improve your memory:

  1. your food habits: Eat plenty of fresh vegetables. Celery ,broccoli, cauliflower, and walnuts contain antioxidants and other compounds that protect your brain health and may even stimulate the production of new brain cells. Avoid eating junk food.
  2. Exercise: Give your brain effective exercises like calculations or memory games etc.
  3. Good sleep: our brain should have enough rest so that it can grow and develop. so it it very important to sleep well.
  4. Avoid sugar: White sugar is one of the worst food-like substances for your brain and memory.
  5. Your Habits: your bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking will have an adverse effect on your brain cells which leads to poor memory so avoid it.
  6. Drink plenty of water: Keep your your body well hydrated.
  7. Drink green tea: we have heard of many good qualities of green tea. Green tea also helps in improving our memory.